As I sit here waiting for the time to pass before going to work, and nervously thinking about my Sports Medicine appointment this afternoon, I have decided to check out some casinos games online, lol. I’m totally, 100% serious.

Just like the Sims back in the day, I can easily become addicted to winning, even if I don’t end up spending any money on gambling inside those Yahoo Casinos. If I had all the free time in the world, and I was a number one star at winning, I could easily quit my day job.

I remember working with some people a few years ago who were amazing at winning poker and stuff at places like casino scandinavia. But I never did learn the ins and outs of it all. I suppose that’s why my poker face is a huge smile when I get a good hand. At least online, you’re hidden behind a screen so I can shout and roar all I want when I think I’m going to win.

How about you? Do you like going online and playing any sort of games whether it be gambling or not? I mean, it’s all in good fun … once in a while. Especially since I don’t bet money!

Off to work I go, I suppose!

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  1. good luck later on…..let us know how it goes!
    no i am not into gamin at all-thank goodness cuz i lived in reno, nv for 10 years! i would have been broke :(

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