Picking out a good wine?

It’s been about 11 months since I literally stepped inside a LCBO (liquor store) and bought myself a bottle of wine. Last Valentines I remember planning an elaborate meal along with some sweet chocolate treats and wine. now, don’t get me wrong — I have stepped into the LCBO since then. But, I rarely drink wine is all. I’m quite picky when it comes to having one that tastes amazing on my taste buds.

When the boyfriend and I went to British Columbia for Ironman Canada in 2009 (and in 2010, AND planning for 2011!!), we went on a winery tour. I then found out that I’m a fan of wines that are blended. Red wine I think is the one I leaned towards the most, while in BC – but I’m also not going to pass up a good white either.

As i said, I’m not a fan of one or the other, like Chardonnay, or Pinot Noir. But rather a blend of say Merlot and Chardonnay. I really have no idea if those two really go together. but when I’m at the liquor store I go into the fine wine department, or even the spanish wine to find something completely different.

I think it’s so interesting and refreshing to note how different wine affects your taste buds with different foods. Some wines I noticed that the food will taste acidic while others coat your tongue. It’s definitely fun trying out new blends and flavors to go along with the food that you plan on having that evening. it’s an enjoyable experience for me, learning about wine. Did you know that my father is actually into wine making? Probably not. But he is! He has his own wine vats, hoses and corkers and all the do-dad’s that go along with making it. Now his wine, mmmm — so good in my mouth. I wish I had brought some back with me from Christmas. I was just so afraid it’d break in my luggage and stain everything.

What is your favorite wine, and what do you pair it with?

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  1. MmmMmmm I love wine! I am a fan of reds too. I think I like Malbecs and Shiraz blends…. But honestly, I can never remember!

    Nancy says: Exactly, that’s the thing with me. Unless I see the bottle that I last drank – I don’t remember the kind it was. I should look back on my archives to see if I took a photo of it..

  2. Thank you Nancy for the free promotion of spanish wines!!! A friend of mine worked as accountant at a vineyard in La Rioja, a region 90 km far from my home, and took me
    to visit it many times so I fell in love with the wine’s world.
    I agree with you when I think which my favourites grapes are:
    Spain is the 2nd wine producer in Spain so you can choose among many different origins but let me recommend you 3:
    La Rioja, Navarra and Ribera del Duero. I have visited the online store you suggest and…..good lord!!!, importing wine to Canada must be a good business.
    Maybe we could exchange your father’s home made bottles for some spanish ones….
    If you have the chance, try Cava (from Spain) instead of Champagne (form France), you will save a lot of money. To end, the best ever incredible amazing extraordinary wine I have ever tasted…….Prosecco de Conegliano (Italia), also sparkling white. Don´t forget to watch the film “Sideways” (2004), a funny story among wine-yards.

  3. Okay in all honesty I haven’t tried too many different wines. However, my favorite is Reisling…a nice dessert wine which makes sense because hello, I love dessert! :) The only red i’ve ever had that I liked is a local wine…and it is like between a blush and red color, but it’s definitely considered a red. Also very sweet, ha :)

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