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Awww! Susan’s latest post made me all warm inside! I grabbed a few photos from her site from that meet-up over the weekend that I posted about. So I’m here to re-post the photos on my site.

As for what I did in Toronto after the meet up, I ended up doing a huge collective haul (not purchased within one day, or even one month) but I wanted to film another video. It ended up being too long and I had to break it into two parts. Oops. You can view those videos here.

One thing I do have to say though, is that I’m so glad I wore my wool blazer at work this morning, being in a brick or metal buildings during the winter definitely sucks the warm air out of your body. SO COLD. I couldn’t drink enough tea. Moses.

Sneak peak of the (OOTWW) Outfit of the Work Week? I love how I just rhymed unintentionally.

Ok night all!

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