Chilly willy

neg24Hot dang was it ever cold yesterday at -24°C (-11° F). I certainly dressed for it, so I was pretty comfortable all day at work.

I wore a lot of layers:

  • tank top
  • long sleeved tee
  • cowl neck sweater
  • zip up hoody
  • wool knee high socks
  • warm corduroy pants
  • boots, scarf, jacket, hat etc.

Are you a fan of winter, or are you more of a summer person?
Gotta say, I’m not the hugest fan of winter. I hate being cold. This evening while driving home from work at 40km/hr on a residential street (3 lanes going one way), I ended up fish tailing about 3 times in a row. My car was wobbling. Thankfully I got it under control in a matter of seconds, but sweet mercy.

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  1. Driving on the black ice here has been insane and not fun. :( I’m looking forward to when it warms up enough that the black ice will all melt.

    And I’m typically wearing a tank top, a shirt and one or two hoodies (depending on exactly how cold I am at work), with my winter coat wrapped around me like a blanket. LOL.
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  2. -24ºC?! Have no idea how much freezing cold is that.

    That’s way different from the heat wave we’re experiencing here in Rio. Temps are just below 40ºC!

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