The epilator update

So it’s the new year and I want to revert back to one of my older blog posts for a moment.

Remember that time I tried out an epilator? I received the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator towards the end of the year. I regret not bringing it home with me over the Christmas holidays. I’ve been using it that much. I’ve used it primarily on my under arms, and no where else. Due to the fear factor mostly. wet-dry-epilator

On my legs, I find the epilator isn’t sufficient as I’d like it to be since it doesn’t grab the hairs nor make a nice soft and smooth finish as a razor would. So I’ve just kept using it on the under arm area, with great successes. I don’t panic when I turn it on, nor do I start sweating with fear. It also doesn’t hurt any more. Score. It’s quite easy to get used to, and I don’t have to epilate often at all. Once a week is good. I try to not let the hairs grow out very much, I mean I suppose you could let it all grow out and re-do it, but I think that would cause more pain. The more often you do it, the less painful it is. less time for the hair to grow, know what I mean?

To prevent unsightly ingrown hairs, I bought Tend Skin from Nail Polish Canada’s website, apparently it’s some miracle liquid that prevents ingrowns. So far so good, I’ve had zero since using it. I apply this after I’ve shaven my legs, and epilated my under arms — it stings a lot, but only lasts for 5 seconds or so. My skin is finally starting to look normal.

How do you do your hair removal?
I used to do a lot of waxing, but still that gets costly, and messy if you’re doing it at home. Plus, you need to let the hair grow out a lot more than what you’d need with epilating or shaving.

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  1. Nancy, I am a big chicken when it comes to these kinds of things. I always use a razor to shave my legs and under arms. The only thing I wax is my brows. I think I just need to suck it up and try using an epilator. Its not that bad right? :)
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  2. I looooooves my epilator. Been a couple years since I shaved regularly. Started off just using it on my legs, but after some laser hair removal on my pits etc I use it to catch the occasional stray. I forget the model info on mine (Phillips, has razor head as well, waterproof/rechargeable). I use the epilator dry, and occasionally the razor in the shower. I find it works best on the legs in the sunlight, which makes the thinner hairs more visible so I can do a better job. I’m often surprised by a patch I missed if I don’t have good lighting. Out on the deck on a sunny summer day in my shorts works great! I do find that even a day after clearing the hair a bunch can sprout back up, which I think are just under the skin before they break through. I was advised to use Tend Skin as well, but threw it out after deciding it just smelled too strong, kind in like vinegar?? Not a smell I wanted to be going around with. But maybe there are other variations that aren’t as strong, or it goes away when it dries? I didn’t give it much of a chance.
    I couldn’t bring myself to use the epilator on my pits until after most of it was taken care of with the laser. The fine hairs are no problem. I find it’s no good on my knees, as the bones make it hard to get a flat surface. Also, I take all covers off the head and the rotating “hair pluckers” are directly on my skin for the closest hair removal possible. That probably makes it worse for the knees. I find it’s more effective going in the direction agains the hair growth, but that is probably more painful. I use moisturizer fairly regularly. At one point I convinced myself that if I took some ibuprofin 30 mins before epilating it would make it less painful, but I don’t know if I ever followed through with that! I definitely don’t notice the pain as much with regular maintenance. The first time, or when overdue, is a matter of looking away and breathing deep!

    But so worth it to not have to shave daily, or to not have stubbles by the end of the day if you’re a morning shower-er! And no razor burn or shaving gels or blade replacing required!

    Hmm, apparently a lot can be said on the topic. =)

  3. @Cindy: I had to stop waxing my eyebrows because the lady who did them kept making them thinner each time I was doing it. One time I went home for Christmas and my brother asked “Uh. Where’s your eyebrows?” Lol!!!

    I have to admit, it takes a bit of getting used to. The first time epilating is NOT easy.
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  4. @Del Ta: Hmm I’d like to know the pain threshold between the laser and the epilator. Which one was more painful. I think now that I’ve done the epilating, I can go for laser. Would love to have that done on my under arms.

    My leg hairs are almost blonde, and very thin. I only know this because I “forgot” to shave and noticed a few days before the wedding they were long LOL…which is strange, since I have really dark hair. Good advice though, doing it in direct sunlight. I should try that.

    I did notice a scent on Tend Skin. But it doesn’t linger, especially once it dries within seconds, so that didn’t bother me too much.

    I’ve never used the attached heads that come with my epilator because quite frankly, I don’t know how they “attach” on! I’d rather have the hairs off quick (ie: faster but more painful, than a little painful and slower)

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