Climbing… and climbing

TREVOR J, I’ve got some climbing videos of you. Pat sent them to me in an e-mail, I compressed them and uploaded them. So check them out. crazy_trev, is….well. The crazy dyno on wall #7, check it out boy!

I placed third at the Boulder Comp! I still haven’t recieved more photos from people who took photos at the comp. But, there will be more, eventually. Promises. I’m itching to get back into the gym again, I haven’t climbed since Thursday, and for some reason it seems like a lot longer than 3 days.

Today, my neighbour is coming home. She lives in Michigan with her husband and little new baby girl. So, they’re flying up here today. I’m gonna take a million + 1 photo of that cute kid. She has one blue eye and one brown. Or something like that.. green and brown? blue and…green? Take your pick.

I cannnnott wait til Oceans 12 comes out. I’m not the one to get excited about new movies coming out, but the first one was so good, that I really want to see this new one.

I want it to snow, just a wee bit. It snowed a small amount on Friday night at 5am. It was gone when I woke up again. What a teaser. I want to have fun and FROLIC in the snow. YYYEEEAh. K, time to go.
Michael Rawls – Forgetful Fall [click to download song] (I suggest you download this, the lyrics are like BAM…!!)

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