My CrossFit Journal (week 16)

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Week 16 Day 1.

20 Lateral Jumps Over Bar
30 Burpees
40 Ground to Overhead (95/65) (anyway you want to lift your weight from the ground to above your head. I did 55lb deadlift/pushpress)
50 Toes to Bar
60 OH Lunges (45/25)
400m Run

I rarely post warm ups, mainly because I never remember what we do. I remember this one, it was a “short one”. The warmup consisted of a 400m run then three rounds of sitting up with your legs in the air a bit with a medicine ball rotating from side-to-side with it. Do twenty of those. Then do 10 v-sit situps and then hold a minute plank. Remember, do that three times over! Wowzah. Sweat fest.

For the WOD we had 25 minutes to complete it. I was doing awesome for time up until I had to do the 50 T2B. It slowed me down. A lot of others were doing it on the ground, which obviously made things faster for them. I think the T2B will eventually help me get unassisted kips (fancy swinging pull ups without an elastic helping me pull my weight). I ended up completing the 50 toes to bar, and was on #21 of the overhead luges with a 25lb weight, when the timer went off. I suppose I could have finished it off – but I was absolutely dead by that point. I absolutely love hard workouts like this!



Week 16 Day 2.

8×2 (two reps, add weight each time til you’ve done it 8x)

Thruster (source)

Our WOD was awesome. I felt so strong! I started off with a 35lb bar and added two 2.5lbs to each side. Then worked my way up slowly five pounds of weight til I ended up doing a thruster at 75lbs! I may possibly could have done 80lbs if we didn’t run out of time. Isn’t that insane? I can lift your child teenager above my head!

While I was taking a 2 minute break between each 2 thrusters I practiced my kips on the last elastic and tried to do 4 or 5 each minute. I’m addicted to kips.

The warmup was SICK you guys. Sick. We started off with 2 laps around the building for a 400m run. Then we did five rounds of this:

1 wall climb with 30 second hold at the top (I’ll only show a photo of this because the other images are hard to find lol)
20 pass throughs (a pushup on the bars, and then swing your legs through and do tricep dips)
15 second L-sit hold
5 thrusters with a PVC bar

By the end of the warmup my tank top was soaked. AH!


Week 16 Day 3.


5 Split Jerk; 185/135lbs
10 Box Jumps; 24/20″
15sec L-Sit
100m Sprint

The split jerk I ended up just doing45lbs, even though yesterday I did the same type of movement with much heavier weight. Meh!

This type of workout was one that made me feel sick by the end of it. I think it was the movements. We had twenty minutes on the clock and had to push out as many rounds as possible. I was finishing my 7th round on the 100m sprint I heard him count down from 10, and I wasn’t back inside after the timer went off. But I’ll call it 7 rounds!


Week 16 Day 4.


5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Ring dips
20 Wall balls; 20/16lb

Strict pull ups are just the ones you see regularly. Slowly pull yourself up without “kipping” so to speak. I love kips, they’re easier for me to do. The wall balls are probably the thing that I dislike the most about CrossFit, lol.

I ended up completing 5 rounds in 15 minutes.


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  1. Hey Nance! Looks sick! Is it getting easier for you? I think this week is going to be it for my husband & I!

    Nancy says: I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s getting easier because when certain weight gets easy, I move up to always challenge myself (or so the coach tells me to lol). I’m really really sore in my legs from soccer and CrossFit. So I’m not going to go as much this week. Let me know or blog about your first sesh!

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