Yep. I did!

frap frap yummies. GIT IN THE BELLAYLook at how monstrous that thing is! I went and got the largest mocha frap known to mankind yesterday. Thing is, I rarely drink anything from Starbucks because I love going — but I also love having the high fatty drinks. So having a gift card (thank you sweets) to spend it on will last me… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGES.

I was feeling groggy, grumpy, and not so friendly all day yesterday. That was until a co-worker and I stopped by the University’s Sbux and got some half price fraps!!!! That baby was devoured in <15 minutes! My stomach hurt, my body was lively, but at the same time I felt intoxicated and wanted to vom from drinking it so fast. lol


I love starbucks. I think I’ll be visiting again tomorrow. You know, just one more time until the 1/2 price frap’s end on Sunday.

Yummers in my tummers.

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  1. I am not a huge frequenter of Starbucks, but will say that I prepare myself for a tummy ache when I do treat myself to something there (white chocolate mocha latte? yes please!). Its sad I know it will cause my stomach to hurt but it just hurts sooooo gooood!

    Nancy says: What’s with the starbucks stomach aches? I get them too, even when I drink lattes! Lame, but I’ll be willing to go through it! HAHA

  2. Mmmm, I want one today! Esp after seeing this photo on your flickr and *now* on your blog. I think you’re telling me something, haha :P

    Ps! I finally got my new blog up. EEEEE! :)

  3. Good Lord!!!!, it can´t be healthy to drink anything as big as that. Please take care of your stomach.

    Nancy says: Ehhh Pedro. Live a little! Doesn’t hurt to have this sort of thing once in a blue moon. ;)

  4. Yummers in my tummers is right. I took a half day from work and I’m just getting some stuff done from home, but now I think I may have to make a Starbucks run! :)

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