Uh. You probably shouldn’t wear that…

Why do they make mini skirts in big sizes? I’m all for people feeling great about themselves, but have these people ever watched the fantastic-one-of-my-favorite-shows What Not To Wear? Some people just should not wear certain things. Mini skirts, Popped collars (some people wear mulitple popped collars here!), ugg winter boots with skirts, belly tops if you’ve got…well, a belly! Just a few minor pet peeves of mine.

Moving to a different city just as large as your province, let alone the richest province in Canada — I definitely get an eye–full of entertainment daily. I take the bus four times a day minimum (just to get back and fourth to work). You really don’t get bored of all the sights, sounds and surroundings on the bus. Last week I endured stepping in vomit on the bus, without knowing of course. I got on the bus and headed straight to the back. There was a guy in front of me, whom I thought didn’t shower for 4 weeks. Until I was ready to get off at the terminal, I saw vomit… on the floor. Next to my feet. Next. Two adults on the same bus (at a different time, since I’m on the slowest bus there is) the other morning, were picking their noses. Nobody else seemed to notice but me. I couldn’t stop staring, waiting for them to notice me giving them the evil eye. They were going to town, digging for that gold. Once the man struck it …. guess what he did with it? I probably shouldn’t even say this but he freaking ate it. What are some of your pet peeves? (I certainly have a lot, but this best not dwell on them!)

Those are my ramblings of the day. January 2009 I will start saving for a 5G down payment on a car. Oh sweet mother, I cannot wait to stop taking the bus.

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  1. I take 3 busses to get to school daily and I notice all sorts of things. If I have to leave early in the day on monday I get stuck on the very full bus with a bunch of high school kids and its always entertaining to listen to them talk about their weekend adventures.

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