Happy Birthday kiddo

My little nephew turns 3 today. Only a few more days until I can wish him a happy birthday and give him his present, from Ancy Nancy. I find it super adorable that they can’t pronounce Aunt/Auntie so they call me Ancy Nancy! Eeee!

That means it’s been three years since I’ve been to Ireland! Moses.

Tonight we need to start packing up our stuff. Also, bringing Alfie back home means packing a bunch of his things as well, it’s honestly like having a kid. Alfie needs to have SO much stuff brought back with him. Ha!!

Excuse me for the lack of posting over this week. I’m so excited, I literally have no words to write on the blog, lol!!

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  1. How are you able to bring the dog back? I thought that you couldn’t bring animals in checked baggage over the holidays? Unless he’s a carry-on?

    Nancy says: You’re correct on the dog not being allowed in checked baggage. He’s small enough to go in the cabin with us in a soft carrier.

  2. I’m so excited for you to go home! How fun… Hope you have a great time :D and happy Birthday to your nephew! What a doll he is :)

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