Subconciously coordinating

When I haven’t had something in … years, and then I rediscover it. I feel like I become addicted to it and then drop it again for another few years.

Case in point. Kraft Dinner.

I’m addicted. It was on sale at the grocery store for a huge amount of ninety nine cents. I remember when it was freaking twenty five cents a pack. I bought 6. I ate some for lunch yesterday. I’m in love again.

spiralI bought regular kind, and spiral. Mmm both are equally delicious.

This isn’t what I’m wearing to work today, but I wanted to post it because I thought it was funny that I wore gray/white striped shirt and black pants to work. Then I changed into workout clothes and I was wearing the exact same thing! Funny!!

bw-work-outAn obligatory shot of my sneaks. Just because. (Or maybe I’m doing a joint pain relief ad)

sneakssHave a good one!!

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  1. That is funny! I am really guilty about buying the same color pallete for all things. I personally LOVE grey it is prrobably one of my favorite colors to wear! Have a good day hon!

    Nancy says: haha thanks you too!!

  2. You are too cute. and its funny I’ve found myself doing that a lot too… I’m just convinced I need more clothes tho :x

    Nancy says: Do you have a winners near you? I usually find their clothing priced relatively well

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