Chilly day inside and out

This morning, I received a phone call 6 minutes before my alarm went off (don’t you hate it when you’re disturbed before your alarm!?) and it was one of the managers telling me to dress warm at work since the heating wasn’t working. I got into work at it was 10º/50º. The ink in my pen wouldn’t even work! I wore leggings, pants, socks, and three tops on my upper half — to make matters worse, my left passenger back door in my car is ‘stuck’.

When we got back from the airport yesterday morning, I thought it was just frozen shut since it was sitting out in the cold for nine days. However, this morning it still seemed as if it was frozen. The BF is going to google if this is a common occurrence with Mazda 3 hatches. I personally just want to bring it into Mazda and get them to fix it, since my car is under warranty until this March. It was just frozen shut! It works again now!!!

Funny how different types of cold affects you. In Newfoundland we have a damp cold. When I went home for vacation I thought it was the warmest day ever and didn’t even want to wear a winter coat. Mostly because it was mild and above zero. By the end of it though, I acclimatized to it and got chillier as the days went on — but when I flew into Toronto, I was back “home” so to speak, and standing outside with my lululemon pants on, it was something like -11º and no wind. The BF was shivering, but I was standing still, obviously cold but not as cold as I was back home due to the wind, and dampness. I tell you, I definitely like the weather up here a lot more. Especially the fact that there’s hardly any wind. I had to brush my hair like 8 times a day when I was home, and it hurt!! So many tangles from the wind. Brutal.

Going to go make us some pad thai for supper tonight. Yum yum.

So, that’s my Monday! How was yours? lol

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