Surprise visits

Every once in a while—I’m talking like every 18mths or so, I get a random phone call from my neighbors back home in Newfoundland letting me know that they’re in my neck of the woods here in Southern Ontario.A lot of people may find it strange that I’m meeting my neighbors from Newfoundland, but you gotta understand our 4 backyard neighbors and our family were really close. The one’s I’m talking about today moved into the neighborhood when I was 8 years old, so they’re definitely like family to me.

A little background information… their daughter is married with children and lives in Michigan. So they frequently visit them, and when they’re driving back to get to Toronto airport they pop in to visit me!

Monday was fantastic because I received that surprise phone call from them. This was the first time I’ve had to drive to meet them at our local Tim Horton’s spot. As when they visited me before I didn’t own a car.

First things first, I have to let you know that I’ve got a terrible sense of direction and without accurate directions I will get lost. I hopped in my car and drove on the busy street to find our local Tim Hortons. I think I passed 3 on the way, and stopped at the third, got out—walked into Tim’s and didn’t see them. I called them right away asking if I went to the wrong one. Of course I did.

I noticed some young chap coming out of Tim Hortons with his fancy Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Win cup, and I hung up on the neighbors and asked buddy where the next Tim’s was. He told me he was going that way, and to follow him. This rings a bell.

This happens to me EVERY time I go and meet my neighbors, I get lost—some attractive guy helps me out to find my neighbors. It’s become a running joke that I go to the wrong one on purpose to pick up hot guys to take me to where I’m going.

Sure enough the guy told me to follow him in his van, he even put on his tick-tocker to show me how to enter the Tim Horton’s plaza area, and off her went—disappeared onto the highway somewhere.

I spent about 45 minutes with my neighbors chatting with them about my family back home, and my life in Ontario. It was a good visit :)

Photos below, you can click to enlarge them if you’d like!

My super giggly cheesy grin. I was SO happy to see them!

Mister D  wanted to take so many photos of us. Here’s another angle! Mind you – this was lunch time, and I was laughing at him taking so many photos. Mrs D’s phone rang, she answered it upside down and didn’t know who was calling because the numbers were upside down. Omg.

Mr & Mrs loved my car and have only seen it once before. Had to get a shot in front of that too!

Here are the photos that we took together the last time they were up. I feel like I looked so young (or most likely just woke up from a nap)! lol

The end!

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