I think I may have to make a trip to the eye doctor soon. My left eyeball has been giving me an issue that I apparently didn’t realize I had until I complained to the Boyf last night. He said it wasn’t the first time I complained about it. Which got me a little panicked because I have a short term memory and didn’t realize it had hurt earlier in the month.

It could also be due to strain on the eyes as I’m at a computer for a good 13 hours a day. Working 8 hours, then coming home and either blogging, or doing something on my iPad. So, I think next week I’ll pop into the eye doc and see what’s going on. It feels like I’m getting a sinus flu. That’s what the pressure on the eye feels like. Know that annoying feeling? Jeesh.

I’ve also been trying out new foundation samples at Sephora this entire week. From Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, Nars Sheer Glow, to Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H. Unfortunately I love all of them. Why did that happen? I’m usually unbelievably picky when it comes to picking out a foundation, and now I happen to love all three? Lame. That makes it difficult to choose.

Here are my fancy smanchy outfits from the week. I’m partially pleased with the colors this week. I have no idea if I changed anything or they are the exact same as last week. Let’s pretend it’s not the latter…

Onto Triple F Friday:

Charlotte from lipglossiping published a great blog post about earlier in the week: At what point do blogs become purely paid advertisers?

Onto the topic of blog posts. British Beauty Blogger writes: Whether We Like It Or Not: how bloggers become tiered.

beauty productsThis post features three different categories: skin, hair, and styling products that Ashley uses. For those looking for some great new products to try or who would like to recommend their favorites.

greenootdLeanne submits her spring OOTD!

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What’s everyone got planned for this weekend? I’m off to a snowshoeing event two hours away from home, but also at some point I need to search local toy stores for a kids karaoke machine. Lil’ buddie’s birthday coming up soon and he loves to sing haha.

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Will I ever give up?

Will I ever give up, or quit my fitness regime? (Which consists of climbing, CrossFit, Soccer, and now running again!)

I’m not sure to be honest. If I don’t enjoy something any more, sure I’ll consider quitting. Just like I did at soccer for the summer of 2011 because I just had enough after getting injured frequently. (Man, when I injured my ankle I honestly though I had broken it. There were tears in my eyes which never happens (I think I have a high pain toldeance) but I was like OMFG bring me one of those orange boards to lie on … like they have at the spine treatment centers of america!

Then again I re-joined the CrossFit indoor soccer group this year.

I’ve quit going to the gym a number of times. In fact, it was a game “How long could I last?”. It always lasted no longer than half a year. Going to a regular gym doesn’t excite me, and I never really realized that until I started CrossFit.

I always attended group classes at a local gym, got bored of the routines, and started to plateau. CrossFit excites me, because you can go months without doing the same workout. The coaches there are helping you perform properly, and do the movements without injury. The classes are smaller so it feels like you have a personal trainer all the time next to you, pushing you. I felt like just a number at the big gyms. I didn’t know the instructors.

I quit soccer for a year and a half. I had been playing for 15+ years and lost all passion for it in my last summer season, which was summer 2011. I had an ankle injury in 2009 which happened AT soccer and it wasn’t healing. I was getting more afraid of the ball, being less aggressive and I felt I wasn’t bringing anything to the team. I made the difficult decision of leaving the team last year and not playing indoor last winter, nor outdoor this summer.

I think I really needed the break and I wasn’t planning on getting back into soccer again until I was invited by my CrossFit coaches who are putting together an indoor league this winter. I accepted the invite to join their league and we started playing back in September!

Despite not climbing for the past few months, I don’t think I’ll ever give up on climbing. It’s taken a back seat right now since I’m more focused and excited about going to CrossFit.  But I think come this Fall/Winter I’ll pick it up again. I really want to go to the next boulder competition in December, but if I even consider that I should really get my butt in gear and head in.

Here’s a photo of me from last years boulder comp. Neat huh?

I don’t think one should ever stop being active. It’s what keeps you healthy, and what keeps me awake during the days to be honest, ha ha!

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OOTWW. Fun, Fit, Fashionable

Summer should get a speeding ticket. Right? I started wearing layers this week and last weekend! Yikes!

Here’s what I wore to work this week:

I swear Monday’s outfit looked fine in person, it was just the I’m-tired-and-don’t-want-to-snap-photos-stance. The outfit was off balance since I was wearing skinny pants and decided not to pair it with a larger top. I don’t think I woke up on Monday, until the mid-afternoon.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to a FootBall game at the local University. The Boyf and I are heading to Nuite Blanche and to run errands in Toronto instead! Much more fun :)

But what’s this new blog post title? A new feature I’ve decided to add to my website! I’m forever asked to share some of the blogs that I read, and I think doing weekly posts of some Fit and Fashionable people is much more fun. So hopefully you too, will find some great new blogs to read from these weekly posts that will now go live on Friday’s.

Hence the #TripleFFriday: Fun, Fit, Fashionable in the blog post title. It stemmed from my friend Meg from A Dash of Meg’s High Five Friday posts. I loved the idea, so I thought I’d do something similar. They say copying is a sincere form of flattery. :)

So since I’ve been inspired by Meg, I thought it would be just fitting (ah love the play on words?) to start with her! Let’s get to it:

Meg from A Dash Of Meg features her thirty-third (!!!) High Five Friday today :)

Courtney tests out the ‘best tank top to work out in’, last Saturday!

Shannon looks great modeling her Fire Daughter tanks from Etsy. Look at her pipes! Shannon says the Fire Daughter tanks are flattering, comfy and have empowering messages.  (Hey I have some of the clothing too!)

Coach Scott from StoneWay CrossFit wrote a post this week on “3 Step Solution to Change

Teri from A Foodie Stays Fit sports her new hair cut. I always love her hair styles, she’s forever changing it up!

I also wanted to feature Laura from Buy Now Blog Later, I always love her style and her blog posts – she’s living in Dubai right now, but is from London England!

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