My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, week 20)

The short:

  • CrossFit x 2
  • 5.35km run

The long (see below)


year 1, week 20, day one

Linda: Modified
Dead Lift (1.5 x Body Weight) I used 105lbs
True Push Ups (on the rings!)
Clean (0.75 x Body Weight) I used 55lbs
What 10-1 meant was that we had to complete 10 dead lifts, 10 pushups, 10 cleans. THEN count down and do 9 dead lifts, 9 pushups, 9 cleans… 8, 7, 6 etc. I ended up completing 5 dead lifts and 5 pushups on the rings and the buzzer went off. I didn’t even use “that heavy” of a weight, but I certainly felt it throughout the workout!

year 1, week 20, day two

20 minute time limit

5 Rounds
50 squats
12 chin ups

I came close to finishing the WOD and completed all 4 rounds of the 50 squats, 12 chin ups. I was on my 5th round of squats, and the timer went off. I think I had 5 left or so, then had 12 chin ups left to do.

After this workout I met up with my co-worker and her little boy and we went for a 5.35km run!!


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My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, week 16)

I’ve decided to incorporate some of my own photos in my CrossFit journal posts. Let me know if you like it this way, with just text, or with diagrams of what the workouts actually consist of (see here for an example).


year 1, week 16, day one

I completed 10 rounds (and doing unassisted kips!) + 4 kips in the 20 min time limit. I’m happy! :)

What I looked like after I completed “CINDY”. Swoob. Swass. Sw-everything. White was definitely not a great color to wear. My top got filthy :)  I had to rest when I got home. I still felt light headed from the workout. Crazy!


year 1, week 16, day two

I skipped CrossFit and ended up going for a 6km run.

I found this neat site called (weird name, I know) but it calculates everything for you, your pace in km or mph.

6k run in 37 minutes = 9:55 minute mile. Not my fastest, I took a lot of walking breaks for 1 minute at a time. But I can’t believe I ran SIX KILOMETERS. I haven’t ran in two years. I’ve shocked myself, in a good way. I also need to chill the F out when I run. I did take two puffs of my inhaler before leaving. But I’m also so very self-competitive and it ruins my runs sometimes, as I try to beat my times constantly.


year 1, week 16, day three

Filthy Fifty for time

50 Box jump; 24/20″
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings; 16/12kg
50 Walking Lunge steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press; 45/35lbs
50 Superman Arches
50 Wall ball shots; 20/16lbs
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

We had a 35 minute time limit. I wasn’t expecting to end up making it down to the wall ball shots (I used a 14kg ball). I didn’t count because I only had three minutes left in the WOD to do the rest of the workout. I usually skip CrossFit if we have to do wall balls. lol. I hate them that much. I probably did 10-15.

The workout was great though. I don’t think I did it prescribed though since a lot of my “knees to elbows” weren’t really to my elbows. Oops :)


Father’s Day was yesterday. Hope everyone called their jolly ol’ daddio and wished them a Happy Fathers Day, or at least saw them. My Dad is a 3 hour plane ride away. Oh, and to all the new Dad’s out there. Hope you got some new dad gifts for Father’s Day. I know this was Kristien’s first Father’s Day with his brand new little guy named Henry. Congratulations again Caitlin, Kristien, Henry… the whole HTPFamily :)

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And here I thought it was a bunch of hoopla

So I’ve been taking my inhaler 15-30 minutes before my workouts at CrossFit. If you missed my post last week, I talked about getting one for my exercise induced asthma.

I never really thought about needing an inhaler, ever. I just wondered why my breathing was so off compared to everyone else. I thought I was just pushing myself to exertion, or just really hard. Here I thought exercise induced asthma was a bunch of hoopla. Well, clearly I was wrong. It worked a world of wonder for my lung capacity and I feel normal when I work out now.

Sure I do take breaks when doing my WODs (Work out of the day’s) at CrossFit. But it’s not my breathing that is now stopping me, it’s the workout itself. I don’t have to stop or slow down just to get some deep breaths in. I can plow right through it. I feel a million times better. I know my lungs are opening up further than they’ve ever been. Which is a really interesting feeling. This is how it’s supposed to work! Now I get it lol.

I kinda like having this doo-dad around with me before I work out.

I’m interested in hearing how many people actually suffer from exercise induced asthma as well. Do you? Leave a comment down below!

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