My CrossFit Journal (week 50)


Week 50 Day 1.

30 HSPU (I did 30 dive bombers instead)
40 Pull Up
50 KB Swing (24/20)
60 Sit Up
70 Burpee
Finished right before the 24 minute mark.


Week 50 Day 2.

Warmup #1
150 skips
Inch worms back and forth
10  Box jumps (20″ box)
10 Hollow rocks

Warmup #2
AMRAP 8 minutes
8 pushups (The proper way: elbows in)
9 box jumps (20″ box)
10 hollow rocks
I completed 5 full rounds and on my 6th round I got to 8 pushups and 1 box jump before the timer went off.
My CrossFit coach says I need to work on my shoulder strength. We’re now supposed to be doing pushups the ‘proper’ way. It’s SO much easier to do it the conventional way. However, I need to practice keeping my elbows into my body and not out. His request? 20 pushups three times a week.
However this was a light workout day. The workout itself was practicing levers. Basically the two of us that were in the class that day were channeling our inner child and had to do flips on those gymnast rings and try and curl up into a ball and then straighten yourself, upside down! It was neat. But it definitely worked the abs.


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  1. Wowza! Doing that would probably kill me. That or I would end up in a full body cast, heh! I am so painfully out of shape.

  2. Cross fit looks like such a good workout! My bf has been looking into it to incorporate a few things into his tkd academy. We recently had a crossfit place open in our town, but it seems like they are never open and when they are ther

    e ia only like 1 car there.

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