They still make me nervous

No matter how often I go to a Dentist, they still freak me the frick out. I go to this one man who wears these creepy eye–goggles that look like magnifying glasses on his face, and he tells me every single last detail about what he’s going to do to me. Then proceeds to give me options about how he wants to do a filling on my tooth. Look buddy. I really don’t care how or why this needs to be done. Just don’t tell me what you’re doing and I’ll gladly count the dots on the ceiling like I’m used to doing in a Dentists chair for x number of years.

The other night after the Professional Development Day at work, I got dropped off by my awesome co–worker and had a few hours to spend at home (Dentists are open really late, here in Ontario!) before heading to tooth–hell. I always tense up in the chair, and then finally I’m wondering why my legs feel sore and I look down and see that they’re literally off the chair, holding them upright and somewhat flexed lol. HE’S FREAKIN ME OUT. My boss told me that her Dentist has a TV in front of each chair. I should suggest that to my guy, since all he does is talk. Or maybe one day I should really just tell him I don’t want to hear or know what he’s doing.

Have you ever seen the needle that they put in your gums right after you have that numbing cream put on? No? Well, it’s huge and makes me want to throw up. Why does he need to show me that? Why can’t he hide it from me!

I’m picking convenience over comfort here folks. I think that very well may need to change.

It’s always one thing after another. As soon as you feel fine and settled down and everything is back to normal, bam your happy scale (lol idk?) breaks. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately, and there’s no way of me the worry wart controlling it. I let it get the best of me and bring me down. I received some bad news that I cannot do anything about, and I’m nervous as hell over analyzing what’s next! I hate the waiting game. I know I’m being very vague, but it’s a private matter and I obviously don’t feel like spilling my guts here to all of my ‘many’ visitors (who do NOT leave comments! :P) to read. Everything would be so much easier if I had my own vehicle too. I know this doesn’t make sense to you, soo I’ll stop right there.

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  1. omg.. just reading all that made me nervous. hahaha, dentist terrify me! poor you :( i think you should choose comfort over convience, go to the tv place!! hahaha. i’ve been really stressed out lately too.. and things keep adding to it on a weekly basis, argh. hope you get through it and feel better *hug* .. ps, my site is back! :D

  2. I dont get the neddle till im completly numb. I make them pile the numb stuff on and then give me the shot so I dont feel anything. Dosnt work all the time.

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