Getting back into a healthy regimen

5 little things I must do in the next few weeks/months/years:

  1. Purchase another gym membership, even though I loathe the gym. Maybe that’s why I haven’t gone since May ’08 :( I’m so bad.
  2. Get back into the climbing regimen again and get my amazing stomach back.
  3. Buy new running shoes! This should be #1 on my list, as I’m most excited about it.
  4. Stop eating so much McDonalds. Jeeze!
  5. Keep taking those damn iron pills, and B12. Oh how I hate thee.
  6. Grow my hair out a few more inches, especially those “bangs” that I never had, just dead ends cut off that look like bangs are growing out. Sigh.

Notice how most of these are mostly rank in the fitness category? It’s beach and bikini season basically, and I’m definitely not feeling like I’m in the best shape. I need to start being more healthy and making better choices. I don’t want my body looking like lard. What do you guys have planned for today/tomorrow? I should totally test out my room mate’s Wii Fit tomorrow at some point (she bought it on Friday! awesome))

Today is supposed to be severe thunderstorms, so I’m sitting at home with the BF relaxing for the day. I think I’ll have to go out at some point to get tomatoes and lettuce. I want to make yummy chicken wraps tonight.

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  1. I get a bad conscience of your post, lol.
    I need to do so much of what you wrote; gym membership, getting more toned abs, stop eating unhealthy, take iron pills and B12 and growing out my hair. LOL so much…

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