Post-Birthday Post

So, it was my birthday yesterday! (Nobody guessed my age correctly, thankfully! ha ha)

It actually didn’t start off to a great start lol. I wanted to wake up as early as possible to make my day last a super long time (because I love my birthday). I had a bad dream and woke up immediately, I checked my clock because that’s just what I do, and it was 7:30! Not really a huge deal as I wake up on other mornings at 7:50, but I had my alarm set on my blackberry, I just didn’t turn it ON. Got my shower, dried my hair, blew the breaker, reset the breaker in the basement. How does that happen right? In the mornings I get cold so I crank the space heater while I’m getting dressed and ready. But I usually turn it off when I’m about to dry my hair, yesterday — I didn’t. No biggie.

At work you’re somewhat obligated to bring in treats for your birthday, so I had packed up everything (popcorn, brownies, and party mix). As I was strolling down the sidewalk with my shorts and top on (it was such a hot beautiful day, yesterday morning) I heard my phone ring thinking it was birthday phone call from someone. It was my room mate: “Do you need your cookies?” Me:  “Ohhhhh eff. I’ll be back to get them.” FRIG. I knew I forgot something. So back I went (I wasn’t too far down the street, at least) to grab the cookies, and then I decided to call off my trip to Starbucks as I was running a bit later than usual. (boo!)

That’s two times in three days my alarm doesn’t go off. I should stop re–setting it for different times.

When I got into work, I headed to the kitchen to drop off all my treats for the staff (It was so cute what my co–workers did for me yesterday. They know I’m saving for a car, so my birthday sign was printed off on a piece of paper, but it was a picture of a car wrapped up with a bow, surrounded by images of chocolate hearts. So. Cute. (They know me all too well.)

On my birthday eeeevening, the wonderful BF Scott took me out to a supper close by the apartment, and we went for gelato afterwards. Both of us were tired so we napped the rest of the night until I stupidly went home (I hate leaving, when I’m super comfy. I suppose I could’ve stayed over night and went home in the A.M.)

My parents mailed me up a birthday package, and I received it the day before my birthday. If only the staff I worked with knew how impatient I am with unopened gifts. I should have just given it to the receptionist and be like “Hold this for me until tomorrow. Please!” Anyway I opened it and got some soccer stuff that I requested. I wore the top my Mom gave me the night that I opened. I wore it out since BF and I went to a public lecture on how randomness, change, and probability reveals a tremendous amount about our daily lives, given by the somewhat famous Leonard Mlodinow (who actually wrote scripts for McGuyver and Starttreck, omg!) It was a neat evening.

Anyway! That’s my little random post of the day!

Have a great May 8th!

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  1. Ahhhhh!!! Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m going to say that you are now…….27 ;) If not, 28. HEHE.

    I guess your bday didn’t start well but it ended well? It’s much better than my birthdays! Man, I always have the WORSE birthdays EVER! So I try to play it down as much as possible ;)

  2. I officially suck since I’ve apparently fallen off the face of the blogosphere lately! I hope you had an amazing birthday, birthday sistah! :)

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