This is why I can’t wait to go home

Yah! That’s me :)

So my gym membership expired on November 2, 2008. I haven’t been climbing once a week like I said I have. Looking back at that video and seeing how fit my back and shoulders were, make me miss it. But the climbing wall here is ridiculous and I honestly get annoyed at how small their facilities are. This city I live in now has 300,000 people living here. Back home there was a huge gym and only 120,000 people or so. They had a climbing gym off the high way, and it was torn down and now it’s a Greyhound Bus terminal. Sigh. I’ve been itching to get back at it. The wall here isn’t enough to keep an old man in shape. I should take photos next time I pop in and waste my $5.00.

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  1. Hey Nancy, I’ve been climbing with Lori Ennis lately and we should all get together and go climbing when you come home for Christmas, it would be fun =)

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