and this…

and this is what I made for supper tonight.

We headed out to the farmer’s market even thought it was disgustingly windy outside, just like the weather back home. Torrential winds messing up my hair. Shocking.


Whatevs. At least we got this huge honkin’ piece of salmon for again, a ridiculous price. Monster fish. Basically, Boyfriend’s swim coach loves giving us deals. Can you see how huge that piece of salmon was? Look at the size of it compared to my thumb on the bottom left hand side of the photo. Though, taking off the scales/skin whatever it was, nearly made me want to deeeelishgag. Seriously. I was doing a “ewie gooie dance” saying “omfg I hate this” while ripping the skin off. Disgusting, but well worth it in the end. Melt in your mouth salmon is to dieee for, and those potato mini–fries I made — a hit with the two of us. I’ll be making those again. All I did was peel the white potatoes, sprinkled a bunch of pepper, salt and Italian seasoning and add some olive oil (bertolli is my fav!), and this … voila, is the final product. Mmm I wish I had made enough for leftovers. But then again, I remembered I actually don’t like leftovers.

Well. It’s nearly 1AM, so … Good night!

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  1. we had salmon last night, too. not my favourite but it was pretty darn good. i’ve come to like it, whereas before – i wouldn’t TOUCH salmon. progress, slowly but surely!

    those potatoes look really yummy. i think i might have to try them sometime. we live with my boyfriend’s parents & his dad usually cooks but i like to get in there sometimes. i’m going to be a wife someday & i’d like to learn how to cook, at least half decently!

  2. Yeah the potatoes almost tasted like they were bad for you, they were that good. (Guess too much starch isn’t really that good, but whatever). Anyway, they wouldn’t crisp up after being in the oven for an hour, so I put them on broil for 10 minutes which made them awesome and crunchy.

  3. Loving all the food posts you’ve been doing lately :)

    Salmon is so great! You can do so many things with it! But I am totally with you on the skin removal. NO THANK YOU!

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