Tax Crunch

Have you filed your taxes yet? (Gosh, I sure hope you did! BF only filled his out like two weeks ago. Went through my “books” for my yearly expenses (you can now claim bus passes! lol awesome). I had mine filled out the minute I possibly could, and sent it over the interwebs the next day. I got a really decent refund, that automatically (first time everrr I was that diligent) put into my savings account. It didn’t even bother me one bit, because I knew it would be going to my car fund. hee hee!!

This is the first year my taxes were relatively easy to do, myself. I used a free program called Studio Tax, and you can download it by entering it into google ( but you’ll have to download a new one each year). It’s really simplified, especially for someone like me to gets confused by new programs, easily. There was no way I was going to go through work and have to pay the guy $50 to do them. I’m quite capable myself, thank you very much!

  • Have you/Are you expecting a refund?
  • If so, what do you plan to do with your refund?

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  1. We filed ours in April (I assume there is a different deadline for you), pretty late! We did get a federal refund. We kept about 1/4 of it and split it for spending fun $ but put the rest in savings :)

  2. I filled mine out asap too, though it took awhile because my T4 from one of my jobs was lost in the mail. I ended up getting an awesome refund. It was only supposed to be $240 but when I got my check, it was $1,100! They decided to factor in some schooling even though I graduated in 2007. Crazy! Annnd it went to bills and my camera. haha.

  3. Ugghh… funny you should mention that! I actually haven’t! Why does tax time fall around exam time? I completely lost track of it. I actually worked a bazillion jobs last year and never realized I was missing a T4 until the day before they were due. Luckily, I’m 100% positive I don’t owe anything, so there’s no penalty for filing late. I’ll get on it, I swear!! :P

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