Preparing for the first race of the season


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I totally just realized I’m eating a lot of carbs. Naturally, this would be totally fine for my boyfriend who is a triathlete, but not so much for me. Last night I had to cook a carb filed meal since it was the first race of the season the next day (being today). Plus, I felt the urge to cook something different each night. I failed to realize there was carbs in everything that I made this weekend. My belly feels full just looking at it all (even though I had an iddy bitty portion).To top it off, we went to McDonalds tonight, after my soccer game and his duathlon.

In case you haven’t checked my recipe section in a few, I updated one of the recipes I made (last night) with a photo. It was ooey gooey with cheese, and oh lord was it ever good — in moderation. Meaning once every 4 months, haha. This will be a good meal pre–Ironman race in August, don’tcha say!?

0We woke up earlier than usual this morning because boyfriend had his first race of the season (the only duathlon he’s doing this season, the rest are tri’s). Of course, everyone gets excited over the first race of the season so everyone comes out from the woodwork and race their little tight butts off. I even saw a license plate from NY today. Dedication people!21

I was playing with the settings on my camera (exact color too!) today  and 5got some good results that I was quite pleased with.  (There he is on the right with the blue jersey on)  That guy would  move out of the way, he wasn’t even in that wave group! Having the flash on in daylight/outdoors is total key. The only fail of the day was spending it all outdoors without any sunscreen on. Slap my wrist now guys :( My honker is bright red. Not cool.


There he is! Going out for the 30k bike. I wish this was a bit more clear, even though boyfriend is in focus … sorta? I don’t know. Whatevs right? I got lots of photos of him he was like “Enoughhhh already” (in the photo where he’s carrying the bike. Hee hee.

feetSoccer was brutal tonight. Again, first game of the season, with a few new girls on the field. I ended up getting knocked down when I was trying to score and landed on my left shoulder AND HEAD! My temple is bruised a bit, and I have a dirty ol’ mud stain on my shoulder. How the eff is that going to come out in the wash? Tips anyone? The stupid woman didn’t even apologize, and the ref wouldn’t let me race off the field. I was like COME ONNN people. Not my day for a good game. No photos of that unforunately, only the one I took of my shoes while waiting for boyfriend to pick me up. Oh, we tied 3-3 and can you believe it Legs (me lol) didn’t get a goal. Jeesh!

Alright, this is getting to be a novel here. I’m going to take a nap (at 9:30 at night!)

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  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment – I’ve added you to my blogroll too. I love new blogger friends!

    I know what you mean about carb-heavy meals… I’ve noticed the same with me lately! I eat carbs A LOT and really need to get more protein in. But carbs just taste so darn good. BTW, that dinner you posted a pic of looks amazing! Cheese +tomato = heaven.

    Great race photos! You guys are a cute couple :-)

    Is soccer normally so… physical? Sorry to hear you got knocked down. Not cool!

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