None of these outfits really stuck out at me this week. I wasn’t feeling it this Sunday maybe it’s because I’m not wearing eye makeup at all this week. Trying to go minimal as possible for no real reason.

Closeup of my spiffy Wednesday’s bangles. I never wear bangles so this was fun! I picked them up at H&M the other day.

Sometimes I don’t try on my clothes before I pick them out on Sunday’s for the work week. On Wednesday I woke up later than usual, my outfit wasn’t looking great (wrinkled pants, the top I had picked out was too short for the pants), so I had to sneak in and out of the dark bedroom while the Boyf was sleeping and pick out a whole new outfit. I also have been meaning to bring 3 or 4 pairs of pants to get tailored — Wednesday’s pair, being one of them. I bought them at Mexx this year when they were having their winter sale and they ended up being 75% off so I went a little wild in the store. They’re too big in the knees and I don’t know where else, but I know I don’t like the shape of them on me just yet. I have my Italian tailor already picked out, I just need to go.

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  1. ^^ I was just going to comment and say the same thing! I’ll say it again anyways – I loveee your Tuesday outfit.
    Also, wow what a different adding belts has made to your outfits, they are awesome :)

  2. I adore Tuesday’s outfit. It’s very feminine but sophisticated too. Very cute! And I have the knee length white shorts that I wear to work. They are by far my favorites :) I don’t know where you got yours, but mine are from Old Navy.

    Nancy says: Oh, when you click the image to enlarge it – it tells you at the bottom of each picture where all my items are from. Those white shorts I got in 2008 from Mexx (on sale of course).

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