Miss fix-it and forget it!

Boy do I really hate relying on appointments and doctors to fix me right up.

It all started when I ended up having benefits at my job, or maybe even before then because in 2006 when I moved to Ontario, one week later I had a set of brand new shiny braces on.

But I’m one of those people that has to fix absolutely everything that is wrong with me. I never used to be like this! Can you believe that I cannot get to sleep without my retainer in my mouth? I actually feel guilty for leaving it out. If I left it at the boyfriends for example, there’s no way in hell I’m getting up at 11:00PM to walk the small 300 meter jaunt to his place to pick it up I’d feel bad. But of course I fall asleep within minutes and wouldn’t feel that guilty, for that long ;)

I go to the chiropractor once every three weeks. I’ve been making frequent trips to my dentist for not the best appointments in the world. People should start investing term life quotes on me, or something. I bet I’m worth a lot now with all these “gold” fillings, straight back and teeth! I must have ‘soft teeth’ (I’ll just keep telling myself that) that are prone to cavities. Lately, I’ve been going back to him to scoop out the old silver fillings and replacing them with bright white ones. Voluntarily! Plus, nevermind the fact it’s so costly. On the bright side — insurance covers most of these costs 100% anyway. I’m also way jealous of my brother who hasn’t been to a dentist since he moved to Ireland in 2000 and he just went last week with absolutely no cavities.

I don’t know what’s subconsciously going on that makes me want to be in tiptop perfect shape. I wish my subconscious brain would clue in that actually working out at a gym and not eating popcorn for supper is a healthier alternative. Trust me, I’ve been known on many occasions to skip supper out of pure laziness and just make a bag of popcorn!! Terrible isn’t it?

Once the end of August comes when I move in with my boyfriend, and I’m back from my B.C. Trip I will be cooking supper for us on a nightly basis. Mmm. Maybe more food posts to come in the future? If I get creative enough to branch out of my favorite weekly menu plans.

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  1. We lived together for a whole year before Karinny. I moved out for 8 months to see if I could make any female friends / buddies and what not outside of soccer/sports. Turns out I still can’t! LOL… so, moving in again! Whatev…

  2. i get too many cavities too. :( i dont know how!!! brushing a bunch of times a day, always flossing, blah blah…some people never go to the dentist and never floss and dont get any

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