I die. At the gym.

I’ve only been making it to the gym twice a week. I’ve been trying to do something different so I don’t get bored of attending. When I first joined a while back I was going 5 and 6 days a week and just running. Each time I go now, I’m usually (well, subconsciously) working out my upper leg muscles. First was spin class, then I did a strength class where we did a stupid amount of lunges and then the other day I did a “wave” class. It’s supposed to mimic snowboarding and skiing type movements and sort of looks like an elliptical but I hate the elliptical since I can’t work them correctly.


The class was only 20 minutes of intense … “waving”? I don’t feel sore today, but I’ll be doing it again. While I was taking the class I wanted to die — I love that feeling, but I can barely hold onto it for too long. I’m so signing up for next weeks wave. I love how all the machines have their own individual TVs to look at — anything to keep my brain occupied since I hate going to the gym. But these classes and instructors are just the greatest. Well, for now. (Hello best weight loss products. HA!)

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