Getting your eyes checked

I have always wanted eyeglasses as a kid, but i never went as far as to lie when reading off the charts. Apparently I have a bit of astigmatism which hasn’t been that bad as my eye sight is still better than 20/20. My right eye is keeping everything in check. Though, since I work at a computer each and every day — I’ll have to get them checked out once again. I can’t recall the last time I went to an eye doctor, and I’d bet it was more than 4 years ago.

I was reading this Zenni Optical article and it’s pretty crazy how expensive a great set of frames will run you. However, it is possible to get quality eyeglasses for a low cost. I mean, that’s what this site is all about, right? Saving people money!

With Zenni there’s no middle man which means that there isn’t any retail overhead. They haven’t been advertising much since they don’t really have a budget for it — I mean they leave it to us, the customers to spread the word. So if you’re on the lookout for a new set of frames, perhaps you will think about Zenni’s glasses when you’re shopping around. Can’t hurt.

That’s all for now folks!

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