Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech SS

swiftly-purpleI loved it so much I bought it in three different colors! Call me crazy, but when I find something that works I buy multiples. No sense regretting not purchasing a fabulous item, right? Yes, it may not have been on sale and somewhat expensive but I take great care of my clothes — mainly the athletic stuff though as it gets washed on a delicate cycle in a laundry bag, and never put in the dryer. Plus, with all the paid blogging that I do I can afford to splurge on something nice for myself once in a while.

If I don’t end up wearing them all (since they still have tags on them) I can sell them on ebay! Plus these swifty tech tee’s don’t have to be worn just for working out — I can wear them with regular shorts for the summer and they’d be perfect with wicking the sweat away from the summer’s hot hot sun. Oh summer, I know you’re just around the corner!

I’m usually a 4 in Lululemon gear, but I ended up purchasing these tops in a size 6. I don’t know if Lululemon is true to size, really. In regular stores I’m a small. In Lululemon terms I’m an extra small. But since I bought the 6, am I now considered a small? Maybe it’s supposed to fit tighter, but I don’t think I’d like that. I have no idea what the sizes are all about. Let’s just say I’m between both!? :) I guess that’s how tuxedos fit too. Every store is different with their sizing. Inconsistent!

The top is amazingly soft to the touch but if you have dry skin you’ll hate to touch this as it sticks to your fingers (doesn’t that just sound nasty?). I swear, it’s not. I bet this would snag very easily, so no hang-nails/broken nails when you’re putting this shirt on! So be careful. When it’s on your body it feels like second skin, it’s so amazing. A review I read on the website  a woman didn’t seem to like the top as much and mentioned that the shirt rides up when you’re going for a run, or even exercising at the gym. For the most part, the reviews are 100% pure awesome on this top. I did not find that it rode up. Which is why I ended up purchasing more. I find that items that are a big hit, usually disappear off the website fairly quickly which is probably why I pounced on picking up two more colors after purchasing the “bold blue” (which is really purple) shade.

The quotes found on the inside bottom of the tee adds a nice touch, too.

treadmill“Life is too short for the treadmill” — it has lots of inspirational quotes going all over the bottom inside band!

It was a good buy.

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  1. I like that shirt a lot, and the color is really cute! The only thing I’ve bought from Lululemon though is headbands! I think they have really cute stuff though I just need to get into the exercise routine!

  2. I love the inspirational quotes! You know it’s good if the company went out of its way to do a little something extra…

    Also, that’s a great color! I’ve always loved that shade of purple/blue.

    Nancy says: Isn’t the color great? I should post the other colors too, they’re awesome.

  3. I love the shirt and Lululemon! What other colours did you get?

    Nancy says: I bought Pink, and Grey! Oh and if you really love Lululemon, then stay tuned because I have a giveaway coming up with some great Lulu-products!

  4. Cute shirt! I personally can’t stand my workout tops to fit like second skin. I don’t want them overly baggy but I can’t stand having the suction cupped to me either!

    Nancy says: Thanks! I guess I didn’t word it the way I wanted to. I don’t like anything skin-tight on me either, but the material was so soft it felt like I was going bare! Not second skin as in tight-wise. I’m self-conscious about certain parts of my torso, so I don’t want it super tight on me. I suppose you can sort of tell how it fits, by the pics though! lol

  5. Ahh I need them! Now that I am on this kick I need gear to go with it. How do you get paid for blogging? You need to fill me in girl!

  6. The top looks great and the color is perfect. I loved that quote that it has on the inside.

    Plus it fitted nicely on you. All this inconsistency on sizes can drive anyone crazy. It’s not skin-tight (which i don’t like it either), so it’s perfect.

    By the way, are you getting ready for a No Buy Month? It doesn’t seem so =]

    Nancy says: HAHA! I was wondering when someone was going to ask that question. I haven’t been purchasing a lot, reallllllllllly. But I am getting ready to do the No Buy Month in April. I think. We’ll see once April 1st comes around. :)

  7. April 1st is a nice day to start it.

    =] lol.

    Nancy says: I completely agree. Then in May I can spend, as it’ll be my bday!

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