Lululemon quality: sub par

Late last month I made an online purchase on Lululemon’s website. I picked up the Swiftly Racerback tank in the color blush pink. I can’t stay away from the nice designs and colors they come out with. But I’m reassured when I get a quality issue error on one of my new items that I just opened. I now remember why I stopped shopping there.

I mean sure the photo doesn’t make it seem like a huge deal. If I chop off that thread, there will be a hole where there shouldn’t be a hole. When you spend your hard-earned $48 on a tank top, you’d expect it to be in pretty top-notch condition when it arrives on your door step.

This has happened to a few items of my pairs of my Lululemon capri’s after wearing them once the inseams came undone on them. What the heck is going on with you Lululemon? Bring back the “Made In Canada” and stop sending everything overseas.

I e-mailed the GEC at lululemon, as I have already saved their e-mail address in Gmail. I also brought it to twitter, of course. Got some responses like the swiftly line has no room for error. Which I agree. It could snag easily if you’re not careful. I know that, due to the fact I already own two swiftly tech tee’s and they’re in perfectly good condition, especially at two years old.

Lululemon heard me on Twitter (@spiffykerms) and gave me the telephone number to GEC in Vancouver. I called and told them that I e-mailed GEC earlier and she brought up the photos. Without hesitation she said she was going to send me a sticker so that I can mail the parcel back to Lululemon without me paying anything out of pocket. Free returns for damaged items, good on them I say!

Here is the parcel, all ready to be mailed off! My hand is covering the tracking number and my return address.

Unfortunately, just days after I placed the order the Swiftly Tech racerbacks are no longer online. So I can’t get another one of them, and there isn’t a Lululemon store around here that sells the racerbacks. We have a personal training area that sells Lululemon but not the Swiftly tanks. Bummer.

I guess I’ll be shopping at Costco more often now for workout gear. Check out my Lululemon Vs. Costco workout apparel blog post I did back in March.

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  1. I saw your tweets w/Lululemon and hate that for you. I’m mostly happy with my Lulu stuff but try to be extremely careful with it because I’m so afraid of ruining it and being out all my $$$. They should put more workmanship into their stuff rather than trying to cut corners, if they’re going to charge so much! Obviously we’re paying for the name (tho I do like some fabrics/materials)

  2. I hate that when a article sales out online. The same thing happened with running skirts. But the size was wrong. They no longer had the style in stock. It was a TOTAL bummer! And Costco for workout clothes… never thought of that. I will take a look at your post. We LOVE COSTCO!

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