Staying Fit with Indoor Climbing

Well, since I don’t frequent the climbing gym as much as I did, when I lived in Newfoundland—I decided to join indoor soccer for the winter months to keep me ‘fit’. However, I’ve gotten a little pudge, and even though when I went home and mentioned it by slip of the toungue, people automatically jumped down my throat saying I wasn’t fat.

I wasn’t saying I was morbidly obese, or even slightly fat. I guess I’m noticing a difference in my body since I stopped climbing so vigorously. I just took climbing for granted. Climbing ‘hardcore’ for the two years I was in school (recreationaly climbing for 15 ) really hardened up my body. Now? Now it’s all gross and nothing like it used to be in 2006. Perhaps I need a little self-esteem boost. I’m not a gym junkie. I keep falling off that wagon continuously. I go for 8 months, thinking that I’m doing awesome (which I was) and then boom, spring is here and I want to spend my time outdoors (not exercising). OH WELL.

What I’m trying to say is that I MISS THE CLIMBING GYM BACK HOME. I miss the atmosphere, and the laid back staff. Here at one of the local University gyms they have a wall in the basement, and it’s super small and dingy. I guess I could somehow manipulate my body and try and do a bunch of figure four’s up the wall (and fail, like this guy), since there’s no positive or negatives. Just a wall. That’s what I’ll do. See what kind of looks I’ll get. hehe

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