Staff Christmas Party

Was a riot. At first it was a wee bit uncomfortable being around people my parents age, until the booze sank in and we all hit the dance floor. I taught the CEO of the company how to dance the newfie jig. Hilarious. It’s pretty simple actually. Hop around and wail your arm to the left and right lol. I even got the boyfriend up to dance! We had a really great time, and I don’t think we went out dancing together since 2006 or something ridiculous like that so that time was over due. The party pretty much dwindled at 10:30, and we weren’t done partying, so Boyfriend and I ended up going to a bar just down the road from our apartment. Had a few swallie’s there (I LOVE WHITE WINE NOW), and ended up coming home to collapse. But not before we made some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.

Good for the soul.

Happy Holidays!

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