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So apparently I’m the top scorer in my soccer league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m on fire in this indoor season, if I do say so myself. I’m in two different leagues this winter and I play twice a week. There hasn’t been a game yet where I didn’t score. We’ve been playing since mid–october, and we’ve won every but one game. Last night’s game was pretty tough, we only had one sub as did the other team. I scored the first goal of the game, and then after that I lost track at how many our team scored. (Two for me yesterday) but we won 7–1, ahhh victory.

I’m so glad it’s Friday.

Tonight I’ll need to go to Shoppers Drug Mart and pick up a pair of black tights to wear tomorrow, because it’s frigid out there right now. I’ll need some AA batteries for my crap camera too, so I can take some shots throughout the evening. At work, we’re having these daily contests for free drink tickets, and I’ve been winning. Hope I don’t get too tipsy! Maybe I’ll share them with the boyfriend.

I have nothing for lunch. Maybe I’ll eat some cheesecake that’s in the staff fridge. Oh mmm.

Next weekend, which I should have booked for this weekend I’m getting my eyebrow wax and pedicure, right before I go home for Christmas. My brows are completely unruly right now, and no amount of makeup is going to cover up those bushes now. I never thought of my Christmas party. TOO LATE NOW! It’s okay, I’d rather have them nice and freshly done right before I go home for 2 awesome weeks. The little Asian woman I go to is so sweet and amazing. My co-worker actually recommended me to her. She totally under charges and takes her damn sweet time when she’s doing anything to you. I’m not kidding when I say I’ll be sitting in her basement for 2 and a half hours next Saturday morning getting impeccable treatment from her. Her little girl who is 9 always helps me pick out really nice colors for my toes. Heh. I can’t wait to give her a really nice Christmas tip!

YAY!!!!! Boss lady brought in like 20 Christmas CDs! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

I can’t wait to sit down and relax after the Christmas Party. I’ve got Rock Band on the mind, playing in my PJs all weekend long. How about you guys—What’re you all up to?

Edited to add: I GOT A RAISE TODAY! Merry Christmas to meee!

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  1. I’m hoping that Rockband will be part of my weekend as well. My boyfriend and I are also going to take a look at a pet store that just opened so I can find a few gifts for my kitty for Christmas. Other than that, I really have no idea. Maybe we’ll go skating or something.

    I find that my eyebrows start getting unruly as soon as my hair starts, which was some time ago. Once my hair starts covering my eyebrows the majority of the time, I tend to forget that they’re there. I don’t realize how bad it gets until I decide to pull my hair out of my face, which then involves an extra 10 minutes or so getting rid of the “strays” (I’m not even sure they can be called that at that point :P).

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