I need your help

Definitely need your help. The outfits listed below (check out the shoes too) are the two that I’ve gotten out of storage and one is obviously quite summery (don’t mind the wrinkles). But different looking, right? Sorta. Do you think I should purchase a pair of knitted dark tights for the black dress? What should I wear underneath each dress, if anything? Which dress do you like best? I don’t really want to expose my bare legs, since it’ll probably be -3ºC or so by the time Saturday rolls around. Is all black really too much? I mean, I’m going to either be wearing the bone colored shoes, or the sexy awesome super wonderful patten (is that correct?) leather peep toe heels. I may also wear this lovely pink scarf with the black outfit, just to keep it out of the boring all black funeral style evening wear. HMM!?

Scarf / No scarf. Black dress / Polka dot dress. Black shoes that are hard to walk in? Bone shoes that aren’t very noticeable? Leggings? Tights? Gahh. I’d like to think that the black shoes would go nice with the black dress, but I think they’re impossible to wear all night long.

Plssss help.. lol.

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  1. Black dress, black heels, no scarf but maybe a necklace or dangly earrings?

    Freeze your shoes a few hours (3-4 at least) before you go, trick is not to take them off. Helps your feet big time :)

  2. I like the black dress with no scarf (I agree – add some sparkly earrings or something), with tights and the black shoes. :) I wore a similar outfit recently and it turned out looking really nice! Very sophisticated.

  3. i LOOOOVE the lighter colored dress, i think it compliments you much more, your skin tone, your awesome figure, etc.

    and i’m working on it!! :P

  4. I love the black dress :). I think I prefer it without the pink scarf, though. Maybe you can spice it up with a necklace and some earrings, perhaps?

  5. If a man’s opinion may count, black dress, black tights, black shoes,… black anything. Underneath? M.Monroe said….Chanel nº5. If it freezes outside please do not go out without a thick coat. Good luck.

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