~1mth til I graduate

I’m procrastinating again. I finish my very last class of my life on June 2. Graduation is on June 22 and then I’ll be buying a plane ticket shortly after, to move out of Newfoundland for a while, and head up to Ontario. I used to be scared to death – however I’m anticipating it coming.

I went to the gym after my Mom got off work today (it’s like a 2 minute drive and I was too lazy to walk – plus it’s rain/drizzle out!). I hate going around 4-5pm when every machine is being hogged by the people who just got off work. But whatever, I needed to go. This is only my second time going since Thursday. So I pushed myself really hard on the treadmill, running 3 miles rather than my 1 mile. It. Was. Sick. My music pushed me pretty much. I had it on blast so I couldn’t hear the hum of the rest of the machines, or the old sweaty guy breathing super heavily next to me. Bleh.

Crap! I forgot I had to volunteer belaying at the climbing gym tonight. like in 15 min. gottag o!!

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