I’m not taking Alfie to this vet, ever again.

Alfie’s hind leg had a dew claw that was always “hanging” off his leg so to speak, and usually that gets removed as puppies — but I guess the sellers didn’t end up doing that since we’re the 3rd owners of Alfie (sellers owned him obviously, then a couple we bought him from because their baby was allergic to him). ANYWAY! That doesn’t matter. We were going to wait to have it removed when he got neutered.

I told the Vet Technician to only remove the hanging off one, and she’s like “Well better to remove both” Scott agreed. I was still hesitant on it, but obviously went with it and didn’t mention anything about it. I never did like that technician, she doesn’t seem like a dog person at all, and just took Alfie from me. Didn’t bother to pet him or talk to him. Where as all of the other staff we have dealt with seem totally personable, chatty, and want to actually speak/touch/see the dog.

His neutering went fine on Tuesday, and we even had some baby teeth removed since they weren’t falling out and his adult teeth were already in. He was micro-chipped too. When we brought him home he was favoring his left leg (the dew claw which was already hanging off). I guess snipping that one off wasn’t a huge deal, because there was no cartilage in that part of his claw. He wouldn’t put any weight on his right hind leg (where I assume they had to DIG a lot more into his leg to have it removed, since it was PERFECTLY fine…), and learned to walk on three legs, even jump and jog (which we tried to limit, but he’s a hyper one). As I mentioned, Tuesday A.M. was his neutiering. He still hasn’t walked on his right leg.

We were wondering what we should do. Was he being a baby because that one was a deeper incision? Wait until Saturday for our check up appointment? We couldn’t, he was favoring that leg a bit too much and whimpering — which he doesn’t usually do (barking is his favorite thing).

I called the vet this morning, and told them that he was favoring his right leg. They said  “Did we give you any pain meds?” I said “Uhhh no!?!” her response? “…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. ” Yeah, just what I wanted to hear right? However, I guess it could have been our mistake too since we didn’t ask for meds. Aren’t they the doctors though? Shouldn’t they just prescribe it to us if we needed it? It’s been literally about 10 years since I had a dog spayed, and I naively thought that neutering a dog was “no big deal”.

Decided to bring him back to the vet today on both of our lunch breaks. They ended up telling us that the left leg was healing perfectly fine. The right ended up not sealing up or whatever it does, so they took him in the back room and did some laser treatment on his leg to make it heal faster, then they took him back again to give him an antibiotic shot.

He seems okay now, but they ended up giving us more antibiotics (a  little late on that ladiesss…) and we need to go back tomorrow, and Saturday to have it lasered again. We already had our appt booked for Saturday a.m to check his stitches – so we’ll be going in for laser as well.

I can’t imagine how he’s going to react when he sees us pulling up to that building again tomorrow. I’m pretty angry about this. It was breaking my heart to hear him whimper and scream in the back room when he was having his laser treatment done.

Oh, I also didn’t mention that has hasn’t had a bowel movement since Monday night.

Ugh, poor little guy.

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  1. Poor little guy, of no fault of yours though. They should have covered all of that and made sure that you had the proper meds to give him and more information about what they did and how it would affect him.

    Hope he feels better soon! :)

  2. awwa, poor guy. I hope it heals quickly and he can get some relief from the pain medication. It makes me very angry to see a vet, or someone working in a vet not very into pets…. :( when pets go into the vets they need all the love in the world – its a scary place for them! Poor Alfie. Isn’t it heartbreaking seeing them hop and walk on 3 legs? :(

    When we took Chase to the vets for his leg they gave him medication there then sent 2 pills home.. one for midnight that night and one for the am.. ever since we’ve had to give him asprin!

  3. This made me so upset! When my dog was living with my I would find it very difficult to bring him to the vet as it is – I can’t imagine if they were unfriendly or uncaring, I would feel so uneasy.
    What a little trooper Alfie is ! Wishing him a speedy recovery :)

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