Timing my runs

Why have I not used EBay sooner?

Last night I bought a sports watch to track my time when I run. But more specifically, track when I’m able to walk for that one minute (8 mins on, 1 min off — next week we up it to 9!).

I had a timex sports watch that I won in 2006 with my old job. But I have no clue where it is, and it had a fabric strap that kind of broke.I was also sort of eying this watch as well however, I didn’t want a fabric strap anymore, so I opted for the resin one.

Also? I needed it for an alarm clock in the mornings. My blackberry’s alarm clock doesn’t work anymore!

This watch retails for $79.99 on the Timex website (view here) but on Ebay I bought it for nearly half that! I didn’t even have to bid because it was a buy now option.


I hope it arrives soon!! :)

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  1. I love ebay. I really have to watch though cause I could spend a ton there! Theres some Birthday items for Ava I need to order off ebay (cause the only wiggles things we get here are dvds) and for Christmas I plan to buy a lot online too! its so handy and I find tons of stuff for really cheap!

  2. Seriously I am addicted to Ebay! I love it!! I just got some Citizen jeans for $19.99 and I LOVE THEM!

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