Bras in Canada?

I would LOVE to plan a trip to the States (and I think I very well have plans to, with a co-worker!) to do a bit of shopping. Stores like Target, Victoria Secret, Anthropologie (Which I know is in Canada, but still) — my wallet will kill me and my wardrobe would love me.

Instead, I’m stuck browsing La Senza’s website and eying the wonderful different colors that come in my favorite bra. But of course they’re not all in the store. I think the only shades that are in the La Senza that I go to are nude, black, and a few colored shades. I want them ALL.

The itec push up has been my favorite bra for a number of years. They recently (or maybe I just haven’t been there in a while) came out with this design – and I bought them in black and nude (I even have a purple, in an older edition). They’re SO nice, and super comfortable. These are especially cute because they have printed designs on the inside of the bra. I think my nude one is leopard and the black is also leopard or zebra. I forget.

Whenever I find something that works for me, I buy in multiples. Especially when it comes to bras.

In December Victoria Secret PINK came to Canada and conveniently in the same mall that I frequent. I found  when I walked in, that it’s sort of geared towards the younger ladies (because you all know I’m old now), but that didn’t stop me from picking up some microfiber undies! I love not having panty-lines when I wear clothes. I don’t buy from there often, mainly because I like to get insane deals with Aerie has their underwear on sale for like a buck. Honestly. I stocked up good.

Now, off to watch the Boyf play ps3! Yea, I’m awesome.

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  1. I’m a big fan of the itec too. It’s all I wear.

    I feel your pain about the lack of Canadian stores. We’re going to Seattle in July and all I want to do is shop. J Crew and Anthropologie, here I come!

  2. I love La Senza. The bras and undies are my fave! and all I wear. I need to get a passport so I too can go over the border.. I haven’t since they made the change to having a passport!

    I think the US has so much of a selection with better stores, its really not fair! :s

  3. I’m so lame with bras. All i have is basicly white or black. The exception is one in dark blue and one in green.

    The brands i like are Hope Lingerie, Trifil, Scala and Marcyn. Trifil and Scala have the best seamless bras, Hope Lingerie has the perfect push up (for me, at least =] ).

    PINK undies are great. Love the ones i have. And it seems that aerie is amazing as well, since you always talk about them. I became a big fan by just reading your posts. Their boybriefs and boyshorts look amazing and very comfortable.

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