The highlights of my week

  • I got an expensive watch, for SO cheap.
  • I got to see my Boss (I haven’t seen her since our huge Annual General Meeting) — yes, I’m serious. She’s a cool boss! I’m lucky.
  • We (boss + I) exchanged our Christmas gifts and ate McDonald’s lunch together. We basically got each other almost the exact same things for Christmas. We’re multiple gift buyers, and not just “one present per person” type of giver. It was very funny at the time … promise.
  • That same day, my boss gave me a RAISE!!!! Hallelujah!
  • I was actually sore from doing “Boot Camp” at the gym — what a great feeling. I never got that, from soccer.
  • I am “designing” (meaning changing the Ironman logo around a bit to suit him) my Boyfriends first tattoo!
  • I received great news about my Dad which I won’t go into detail, but it made my month!!

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  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the visit w/the boss and the raise! That’s awesome :) You’ll have to keep us updated on boot camp. I would like to go but am afraid of being embarassed, LOL. The Jillian Michaels video makes me sore like no other workout ever really has, though…but that is when I actually do it, LOL

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