A full palette

Next time I buy an eyeshadow, I’m buying the pans because quite frankly it’s much more cost efficient to do it this way. Purchasing them in the pots are $17.50, and buying them in just the pan is $13.00! If you’re quick with the math that’ll save you so much money in the long run when you’re trying to fill out a palette. $262.50 (without tax) if you have 15 potted eye shadows, and $195 if they’re already in a pan. Bonus? The pans themselves have magnets on the backside of them and include a sticker with the name of the color, so when you run out you can check the underside and go buy a new one, without having to remember the shade/color or name! (Holy moses, I can’t believe I spent that much on eye shadow). Fortunately for me I don’t use up that much and only “hit the pan” on two shadows – which are just highlight shades and I can probably pick up my next ones from the cosmetic line NYX because I heard a few YouTube guru’s talk highly about that drugstore brand.

I ended up depotting my two Style Warriors eye shadows by MAC, and an Amazon Quad [x] from way back. So, I finally have a full palette of eye shadows! I actually have 16, but the pink shade from the Amazon Quad didn’t make it in, and is just sitting on my computer desk — for now. I rarely used it in the how every many years I’ve owned it, so it’ll be okay sitting on a shelf for a while longer. I picked up the MAC palette from MakeupAlley — swapped paypal money for the same MAC palette, but cheaper, online. My first one ended up getting lost in the mail, and the seller ended up sending me out another one at no extra cost. I still never saw the first palette first or last, nor did she. Postal ROBBERS!


Check it out! This is the best color representation I could get. No flash, in the sunlight. I don’t have all of the names memorized but I know most of them, so in case you want to know what color is what, I can do my best to answer them. My favorite color out of the whole bunch is the top right brown color — kind of shimmery. It’s called Sable. Ugh. Love it.

I now have an abundance of empty pots and MAC products to be brought in to “B2M” (Back 2 MAC) recycling program. Bring in 6 used items (mascara, foundation bottles, mac wipes packages, lip gloss containers, etc..) to a MAC counter and you get to choose a free lipstick! Though, I suggest you wait until you’re around a free standing MAC store (ie: not one in The Bay), and then you get to choose a lip gloss, lipstick, OR eye shadow! eee!!!

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  1. Mac lingo goes right over my head. Pots? Palettes? Quad? I don’t get it. I have had the same eye makeup for the past six years. It’s probably time to change that, and get down and jiggy with the MAC world.

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