Salty food & a gym sesh

bad-mistakeIt was a bad mistake picking up this Abercrombie knit cardigan I have underneath the scarf. It keeps nailsfalling off my shoulders and it’s too low to not wear anything underneath. It’s a terribly designed sweater, and I’m stickin’ to it. Like my nails? Here’s a close up. I ended up putting on seriously about 8 coats of 3 different polishes. Don’t ask. But I do love the outcome. You can click to enlarge the nail photo (and the OOTD one) because it doesn’t exactly show my nail beds. They look fake though right? A good kind of fake, with real nails.

I went to the gym after work today, and did another “Sweat” class, which is basically like aerobics which I am so terribly uncoordinated. But I decided not to stop after my first class last week, because maybe I’ll end up getting better and much more coordinated? I sure hope so. I don’t feel tired when I do those classes, and I’m not sore the next day so I’m not sure how well it benefits me. Tomorrow I’m skipping the 1 hour insane “Boot Camp” class which left me feeling stiff and sore for 3 days after. Love that feeling. It was in my pits and butt. Funny huh? Except tomorrow is the day that my Boyfriend gets his first tattoo and I want to take photos, and not be at the gym, but be at his side … clicking away. Maybe I’ll post some — if he lets me :)  Then I’ll try and get in another gym sesh before I fly out on Thursday.

I plan on making a delicious supper tonight. I feel as if I haven’t cooked in weeks. Pizza, McDonalds takeout, Side-kicks…. too much unhealthy salty foods.

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