Kick it up a notch

People have asked me in the past “You’re going to the gym AGAIN? Do you go every day?” That was in April, when I went on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I took three days off after my workouts and felt well rested come Mondays. It used to annoy me that people would tell me that I didn’t need to work out because I’m naturally thin, and didn’t need the exercise.

I suppose they don’t know what people feel like on the inside when they know they’ve been putting junk food in their mouths for a while and personally do need to work out. There’s also clothing that flatters my body type and hides flaws. I’m working out to feel and look good for myself. No matter my size.

They ask, “How do you stay motivated?” Well here are some of my answers that I’ve thought about for a while and decided to post about:

  • Stick to a routine. If you decide to take a class at the gym, keep going to it weekly. Luckily the classes at the gym I attend always switch up their routines with every class. The instructors are awesome.
  • I find that if I don’t stick to a routine, I’m more inclined to opt out of a workout. But then I remind myself that I’ll feel better if I actually go to the gym to workout rather than skip.
  • I think about how much it made me smile, when I  accomplished my goals (it took me 2 months to finally be able to get to the gym 4x/week for one whole month — and when I finally DID do it, I felt wonderful, healthy and happy.
  • Think about the endurance you will have — racing up those stairs will no longer leave you out of breath.
  • New muscles to brag about! I have some pretty nice quads coming into play from running my 5k’s twice a week!
  • Allow yourself to have treats. Depriving yourself of goodies will only harm you in the long run and if you’re craving it? Give into it. Just don’t eat the whole pint of ice cream. :)
  • Believe it or not, it’s actually fun and you’ll meet some new people!

In May I decided to take it easy, which I felt as if took a toll on my body. I even ended up straining a muscle at soccer. In June, I’m kicking it up a notch and going to try and set a goal of attending the gym 3x per week again. Are you with me on this?

What are some of your own personal goals? It doesn’t even have to be fitness related! :)

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  1. My mom makes those comments to me, “it won’t make you fat” or “oh, you really look like the gym.” Well, here’s the thing…I’m 26 and have high blood pressure! That’s why I need to work out! Plus, I feel better when I do. I have gone to the gym 3x this week so far, and I’ve really felt good. Plus, even though I haven’t seen any changes in my body so far, it makes me feel better when I look in the mirror.

  2. Oh I just love that- “you’re skinny, why do you work out???”. First off, it feels good. Second, how do you think I stay this way? Third, I want to feel and look like this well into old age (dude- health insurance gets expensive! lol)

    My motivation is this supposed 13.1 I’m running in August! eeek!

  3. You rock girl, your motiviation as always inspired me! My goal is to start running (and more than just like the 30 seconds I can do now lol)

  4. Yes I agree with the above comments .. there are so many more reasons to work out than to lose weight .. joint/bone health is so important!

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