I didn’t know what to do!

I went and did a bit a lot of coupon shopping yesterday and posted everything over at Locupleto. However, when I was on one of my last stops of the evening, I went to Walmart (and not look for any diet pill that really work. Yuck).

I don’t like parking too close to any shopping areas as people never put their carts away. Just as I finished parking 8 miles in front of the store, I got out of my car. I heard someone scream out in a very angry voice for someone to come back. At first I just thought it was because I was in a sketch neighborhood because I couldn’t hear the name being called out. It got louder and more violent and finally I turned around.

A woman in a motorized wheelchair with her young son, was chasing down their dog Willow. The parking lot that the Walmart is in, is in a huge “valley” so to speak, with a butt load of box stores that were closed by that time. The dog was happily running off and not looking behind.My first thought was that it was going to run off into traffic once it got out of the parking lot.

My heart sank as I kept walking in the opposite direction. The hairs on my arms lifted up, and I wasn’t even helping them. I wanted to yell out to them: RUN THE OPPOSITE WAY. Dogs love being chased. They work by reverse psychology. Same thing with my pupp. If he’s in trouble and I want to get him to scold him, he’s going to run away from me and hide. If I want him to come to me in a playful way, I race the opposite way and get him to chase me.

I wanted to yell that out. I wanted to yell out to Willow and say C’mon girl! But I left it all alone. I presume they got their dog back, but I guess I’ll never know.

What would you have done in that sort of situation?? I guess a lot of people would just ignore them like I did. But I felt so guilty for not helping.

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  1. I would have helped! That’s just me though. I help everyone with everything and a lot of the time it bites me in the butt, but that’s just who I am. I wouldn’t feel bad for you not helping, I’m sure they got their dog back! :)

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