Sunday evening ramble

The boyf ran the Vancouver Marathon today with his sister. He did it in a little over three hours. Here I am, practicing my 5k’s and can’t even run the full distance without getting winded lol.

It’s been quite boring here without the Boyf. I know he’s only been gone a few days, but I already think that I wouldn’t like living on my own. Thankfully my furry friend Alfie is here to entertain me!

Before we had Alfie, I almost needed some sort of sleep aid to keep me from waking up from all the strange noises. It’s comforting having another body in the house. Even if it is a 5lb puppy…

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  1. my daddy ran the Vnaoucver Marathon this year…first marathon EVER and he did it in 4 hours and 22 minutes. not bad for an old guy! haha i wish i could do a marathon in just over 3 h ours haha

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