Dead plant, beautiful floors, and some swank shades

Awhile ago I bought a really pretty bamboo plant, in Toronto. It was my third plant I’ve bought for myself. The other two (bonsai) died. Thankfully they were ‘cheap’, meaning $20 a plant, rather than the $180 ones I’ve seen online somewhere. Anyway, I managed to kill my bamboo one too. I don’t know how, but I’m disapointed. Aren’t those impossible to water too much/too little? Shouldn’t they be happy with whatever cliamte they’re in? I don’t know how I did it, but it’s in the garbage now. “Three’s a charm” my butt! Eventually I’m pretty sure I’ll buy my 4th plant. What is easy to take care of?

Speaking of bamboo, I was checking out La Petite Chic’s website this morning and saw that hubby and her have miraculously put down brand new bamboo flooring, themselves. Very impressive! Beautiful flooring which I definitely don’t have the craftsmanship or patience to do that, I think I’d have a meltdown as well, moving all of our furniture in the small cluttered apartment. And while she’s on it, she should think about installing some swank bamboo shades! That might be too much bamboo though. heh.

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  1. I know with bamboo, you’re not suppose to put them in direct sunlight. And you only water them about a month or so.

    Well, thats what the plant guy told me when I bought one for my mom!

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