The week has flown

I feel run ragged this week which is why I’ve been missing from the blog. But it’s busy in a good way since I can’t get over that it’s Thursday evening already! Moses.

I didn’t even have time for CrossFit this week! I mentioned to a fellow CrossFitter I’d be there on Wednesday and I completely forgot I had a mandatory staff meeting after hours until 9pm so I didn’t make it :(

Monday: Climbing (!!! YAY!)
Tuesday: Went and saw Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie with some gals.
Wednesday: Mandatory staff meeting til 9pm :(
Thursday: Oops — climbing instead!  (!!! YAY!)
Tomorrow being Friday…well I can’t CrossFit on Friday’s because they close early and I’m not off work in time to attend.

Climbing has taken over – in a good way, almost like the apple nano has taken over my nephews. Sorta. I’m going home soon by the way. Home as in Newfoundland. For a visit. Isn’t that exciting? SURE IS!

Next week I’ll be back to a regular routine and not have such busy evening ahead.

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  1. I can’t wait to start rock climbing too! We’ve been talking about it since spring but we decided to wait until summer is over so we can do outdoor activities while the weather is still good.

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