Unplanned shopping spree

Okay so on Saturday, Boyfriend and I woke up and we had planned to go to the bike (bicycle) show in Toronto. Until he mentioned to me that he could drop me off at Sherway Gardens, which is the most expensive mall I’ve been to in my life (and why do all mall websites look like crap?). I held a pair of Jimmy Choo’s in my hand for the very first time. $800! It was madness. I got really giddy inside and I was so happy, it was kind of weird feeling like that! I didn’t try them on, even though I desperately wanted to, and every other pair over $500. Oh, they were so beautiful.

I did manage to buy a pair of Nine West flats at their store however. They looked nicer when they’re broken in and a bit worn, as the sales lady had them on while I was trying on an uncomfortable pair of black flats that were sooo cute. Shame. I decided to do some Christmas shopping, so I picked up my Mom’s Christmas present. Cannot show you all on here, even though I desperately want to. I think she checks up on me, on here once in a while. Can’t ruin the surprise!

There’s a new Abercrombie Kids store at that mall. I went in there, and I felt a little ashamed that I was taking advantage of my small frame and skeetin’ out on shopping at the Adult Abercrombie. The kids clothes fit me! Everyone in there was seven years old, shopping with their parents. It was a little embarrassing, but hey ā€” I didn’t know who they were, nor will I ever see them again. I’m going to wait for this little vest/tshirt thingie, to go on sale. It was a really large make so I was a MEDIUM in the kids (usually I’m an XL!) and I’m not spending $70 on it, because it will for sure pill if I wear it more than 5 times.

Oktoberfest 10k and 5k run was yesterday. I didn’t enter it, since I haven’t ran at all since my last race. But boyfriend entered it and luckily for me, I didn’t really have to budge out of my pajamas (however, I did change into scrubby clothes). I literally stood outside our apartment building as I watched runners go down our street. Boyfriend had an amazing 10k time of 37 minutes 30 seconds. INSANE. Then, last night I played my first game of Futsal. I just so happened to score our winning goal. We won 2ā€“1! Not a bad start to the season, hey?

So, that was my exciting weekend in a wrap! What’d you all do?

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  1. It’s not creepy, I think we all have a bit of blog stalker in us :) And yes I am from Nfld, West cost actually. Gros Morne National Park to be really specific.
    And….the vest is super cute…how freakin’ petite are you??? lol.

  2. Wow, that’s pretty snazzy – I was actually up there for a climbing visit in 2004 (The Arches) so I didn’t exactly go to Gros Morne. But more around Parsons Pond area.

    And actually, I’m just a normal sized girl I suppose! I’m usually a small/medium in clothes and I’m 5 foot 6. Not really petite! lol I think the sweater was supposed to fit large, but I didn’t like it large, I liked it fitted.


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