Deal Dash, penny auction

A few months ago I saw an old High School friend’s facebook page, reading one of her posts saying something about this Deal Dash website. I didn’t hear anything from it until again recently when I randomly came across the site again.

DealDash is a penny auction site where you can seriously get crazy stuff for PENNIES. My old High School friend ended up getting a $100 Walmart gift card for $0.07, or something ridiculous like that – however, she does go to the USA a lot, so I’m not entirely sure if it’s only for Americans, or if we Canadians up here, can get on it too. I would imagine it takes a lot of patience to bid pennies. But well worth it if you have the time to do so. Click those YouTube links that I keep linking to, to learn more about it. I may sign up…. hmm..

Have you ever heard of DealDash?

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  1. Hi Nancy! :) I too am from Canada and I tried to fill out the DealDash registration form on Facebook. I got as far as the Zip Code box and when I tried to type in my postal code, it didn’t take. So I wrote a quick message to DealDash asking if it was only offered to U.S. citizens. That was yesterday…I still haven’t heard back from them. (I’m guessing it is just for the states…..darn!).

    At any rate I’m going to check out other penny auctions…’just to see’. Who knows, I may end up bidding on something! :) (It’s just too bad about DealDash though…I would’ve loved to be able to bid on their stuff. I know, however, that I could use a border parcel service address – as I did when I ordered an item from Amazon that wasn’t available to Canadians but I paid almost the same amount for their service as I did for the item itself! Still, when you look at the big picture, paying for a border mail service is a whole lot cheaper than buying an item, say a laptop, from a retail store.)

    So, I’m off to check out the rest of your webpage and search out some penny auctions. (I hope my little bit of ramblings are helpful/informative.)

    Take care and happy blogging!

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