Little irks

CVS coupon emailer is a liar. I clicked all the coupons I wanted to print off. Thinking it would immediately print to our second hand old school wonderful printer that I always seem to break (oops). But no. I had to enter an email address for them to be sent to. Well CVS. THAT EMAIL NEVER CAME. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. I’m not hard up for money or anything, but when I am expecting a $1.25 in savings pop up in my email, I darn well want to see that, then print it off. So I can trot on over. Like, what the frig b’ys?

Then I check the flyers and notice that their $0.25 coupon off $5.99 paper towels isn’t their best deal in town. because guess what? I finally didn’t chuck out the flyers for once, and glanced through them only to notice another store had them on at regular price for $5.29. Ha, so there CVS. Maybe I won’t buy your paper towels even though your location is much more convenient for me than the other store.

Wanna know something else that irks me? Driving. I’d rather be chauffeured around everywhere. I also want to go on Sunday drives, like my Dad and I do when I’m home in Newfoundland. That’s besides the point. Driving, and drivers. There are so many rule-breakers, swervers and tail-gaters. Some days I talk to myself in the car saying “I wish I was a copper right now.

Speaking of rule-breakers. I hosted my first giveaway on Instagram last month. I am probably not going to do one of those for a very long time. It was so bloomin’ annoying! I had rules. Many of these people didn’t follow said rules. Mind you, I wouldn’t read the rules if they were as long as I had them either, but for heaven sakes — no giveaway-only instagram accounts allowed. And you know what? I bet 50-60% of the entrants were sweepstakes/giveaway accounts. Don’t worry, I scolded a few of them individually, then I decided that was pretty nutty thing to do, so I stopped.

Don’t you hate it when you wash your hands in a public restroom and have the touchless tap be all wonky and spray mist from all different angles including on your clothes and on your chin? Oooh or what’s worse: see someone else walk out without washing theirs? I want to call them out. But I refrain from sounding like a headcase and keep my mouth shut. Doesn’t mean I won’t scold the back of your head with my angry-face. I’m sure they know I’m doing it ;)

Just a few little irks I had to get out of my system. What are some minor things that irk you?


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