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Saturday. Woke up after a few too many hours of sleep with the bright hot sun shining. Guess it must be tank top, short shots, and flip flop weather. To prepare ourselves for the afternoon we ate a big breakfast (eggs, hash browns and sausages) and got ready to head out to the delightful Mennonite / farmers market. There I picked up some veggies and fruit for the week. Boyfriend spotted flowers, he bought them for me <3. I’ve never had anyone buy me flowers before. We’ve even been dating nearly 4 years. I was smiling. Dropped everything off home, especially the flowers in case they wilted. Got out in the car again and went to the Mazda dealership. There, I test drove a white with tan interior 2007 Mazda3 GS sedan (there’s three model makes of this, and this was the ‘middle’ version). Fell in love with the car. Except for the tan interior. Black is better. It has 19,000km on it and the price was right. I was not set on the tan interior, and it was only my first test drive, so I didn’t think about it too much. I still have two grand left to save. July first baby.

Question: Would you rather a Mazda 3 sedan or hatchback?… &… Black or white?

Sunday. Woke up a bit earlier than Saturday. Preparing an omelet for boyfriend, I reached into the cupboard to grab the sandwich baggie full of bacon bits. Dropped it immediately after I saw little bugs on it. Threw it away, and started swearing (l0l) “You’re not getting F*#in’ bacon in your omelet! This is disgusting!” Boyfriend rushed out of the other room to see what I was squealing about. We took photos of said bugs. We googled the creature and found out that they were sawtooth grain beetles. (Google it, because I’m not linking it.) They are literally 1/4 the size of 1 grain of rice. Iddy bitty.

We knew our plans for the day were ruined so we decided to tear out the cupboards (not literally) and follow the directions of the interwebs. We felt so itchy the whole day we were scrubbing down the kitchen. Boyfriends job was vacuuming the cupboards while I scrubbed it down using Old Dutch, Mr. Clean and hot water. Outside on the cupboards, the shelves, the walls, the oven, the floor, the crooks and crannies. EVERY. THING. I was filthy and sweaty after nearly over two hours of scrubbing hell. But it smelled clean after! We headed out to Canadian Tire to buy some”dust” like benign inset killer repellent whatever it is.  After that, I decided to go home and rest up/shower. There, my room mate told me we were infested with ants. Can I EVER get away from these bugs? Filthy disgusting making me feel itchy, bugs! GAH! She told me they have traps set up.

There was a  massive thunder storm on Saturday afternoon, the storm window in the kitchen blew off the house and crashed onto the porch, miraculously breaking only one of four panes of glass. Decided to leave it there, and just watch TV for the night.

Room mate #1 was doing laundry in the basement (where there is a bedroom) Room mate #2 is a big younger than the rest of us 3, and over reacts and creates a lot of drama where it needn’t be. Room mate #1 wanted to get her sheets to put on her bed for the night. Room mate #2 said she was sleeping. #1 was like “um. yeah. Need the sheets. I’m coming anyway”. Room mate #2 (young one) flips out and starts swearing. Swearing! It wasn’t even 11:00PM yet. She’s freaking out. That’s what you get for paying less rent, having a huge Doberman and knowingly take the larger basement room. It’s inconvenient for all of us. We have to sneak around the house to do laundry. I haven’t done any for about a month. Luckily, I have a lot of clothes. But I really need to do about 3 loads now.

Little does she know how much we  compromise for her all the time. We thought all the drama would stop after #3 moved out, but #2 just completely replaced her. Room mate #1 and I stayed up an hour later bitchin about #2. #2 then texts me from downstairs trying to put the blame on #1. I’m stuck in the middle. I don’t know what to reply. Then our new #3 room mate, she had no idea what was going on last night. I hope #2 moves out soon. Sigh. Her lease is up in 3 days and has no intention of leaving. Not fond of drama.

Monday. Wake up at a decent hour and get ready for work. Check the weather forecast, 27º! Holy mother of pearl. It’s going to be a good day.

…….dare I ask how your weekend was?

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  1. Aw, sweet! My advice would be to gush about the flowers, it’ll make him want to buy them for you again! It seems to be working with my boyfriend…haha!

    Sorry to hear about your roommates, I’ve been there girl! Good luck with all that!

  2. I can´t believe noone had bought you flowers before!!!!! How do canadian guys dare?????. Referring to your questions, I hate black cars….it´s soooo difficult to keep them clean and they are as hot as hell inside in summer, and I had to stay at home on weekend doing household because it´s ages that it keeps raining, and raining, and later hailstone stormes….wonderful!!!

  3. cracking me up about the roommates! sound like some I had! do not miss having those. I once had a roommate whose dog would get into laundry baskets and chew up underwear….among other disgustingly gross things.

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