Say WHA?

I’m a bit angry this morning. While trying to keep busy on the sketchy second bus I take in the mornings to get to work, I was playing on my blackberry. I saw that I got an e–mail from management saying a certain co–worker wouldn’t be in. This co–worker JUST got back from vacation (I thought it was Cuba), and then I was chatting to a man I work with and actually dreamt I had swine flu last night. I was like “AHHHH” for a second, until my co-worker told me that the woman who is sick today, was IN MEXICO. She’s got the flu. She’s home with the flu and just got back from Mexico. Let me tell you, I’m not even joking when i say I’m going to avoid her at all costs when she comes back into the office. I mean, the media is telling everyone to avoid that place at all costs and then people just go vacation there? She better not even sneeze at the office or I will flip out. I dunno, I think it’s irresponsible if anyone comes back with a possible slim case of even contracting the swine flu, especially since they were directly in Mexico themselves, and then coming to work. She better take care of herself and NOT come to work until there isn’t any trace of even a runny nose. Anyway, apparently she’s at the Doctor’s now getting all checked out.


On a much lighter note. I am in desperate need of new running shoes. I think I purchased my last pair in 2004, and the soles are actually wearing through. I was telling my Mom these details of my running shoes and mentioning the ones I thought would be a good buy, and what she said seriously shocked me and I couldn’t stop laughing. I literally went “LOL” obnoxiously on gmail chat until I couldn’t see the words she wrote. (Mature?)  I guess I don’t actually tell my parents that much about my non–existent athletics, because I am sure she assumed I kept up the running since I was doing a bunch of it last year training for my mere 5km road race back in September.I mean she gave me a water belt for running for Christmas. :/ Oops.

I was talking with her on Gmail chat talking about running shoes of course, and she wrote:  “Are you going to join the track club this year, or do any marathons?”

See that last word there?


Is she crazy?

Does she not know how much dedication and hard work goes into actually preparing for a marathon? If I was training for a marathon, I think the whole world would know. I’m one of those people that needs to tell 500 people that I’m doing it, so that if I don’t do it, I feel like a failure. I’m sorry if that sounds wrong. But it’s how I work. It’s how I get motivated. “I told this person I was going to do it and I am!” Yah. Going from a 5k to a marathon in that little time? Buddy, the 5k race did me in and I said I’d never run again (which I actually didn’t. I didn’t run after my 5k race). It was HARD! I know exactly how difficult it may seem as I watch my boyfriend do endless hours of training on his bike, running, and swimming getting ready for his tri’s, and even half-marathons at the beginning of the season. Ridiculous! It’s not for me. Not yet anyway. I like to take things slow, and work myself up and try and convince myself that I could do a 10k and not die at the end.

All in all, I think getting new sneakers that fit me, will make my feet more happy and perhaps a little more likely to hit the pavement. But no marathons for me. Just iddy biddy races, for now. (Next September. Heh heh)…

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  1. Running is my nemesis. I’d rather dance everywhere. Although we do run a lot in dance pieces…I guess it’s just different when you’re running around a stage and then stopping to dance then running more…running laps or around town kills me!

  2. Well everything should be fine if shes off to the doctor. If she does have it, it will be taken care of and she may be off work for a bit? If not, you get to sport those lovely masks :p

  3. I’m so with ya on the “tell 500 people” thing… I tell anyone that listens…just to attempt to hold myself accountable. But marathon….oh no, that would be real-life torture. I’ll stick to pretending to run on, or this shred that I started…but you read how well that is going! ;)

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